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Composite mobile robot platform


Composite mobile robot platform

  • Simple Operation
  • Quick response
  • Safe And Efficient

Product Introduction

BRTAGV21050A is a composite mobile robot platform using laser SLAM navigation, with a load of 500kg. It can be matched with a low-pressure cooperative robot arm to realize the function of grasping or placing materials, and is suitable for multi site material transmission and grasping. The top of the platform can be equipped with transmission modules of various shapes such as rollers, belts, chains, etc. , to realize the material transfer between multiple production lines, further improve the automation of production processes, and improve production efficiency.

  • Accurate positioning

    Accurate positioning

  • Fast


  • Long service life

    Long service life

  • Low failure rate

    Low failure rate

  • Reduce labor

    Reduce labor

  • Telecomm unication

    Telecomm unication

Basic Parameters

Basic Parameters
Navigation mode LaserSLAM
Driven mode Two steering wheel
L*W*H 1140mm*705mm*372mm
Turning radius 645mm
Weight About 150kg
Rated loading 500kg
Ground clearance 17.4mm
Top plate size 1100mm*666mm
Performance Parameters
Trafficability ≤5% slope
Kinematic accuracy ±10mm
Cruise Speed 1m/s(≤1.5m/s)
Battery Parameters
Battery capacity 32Ah
Continuous running time 8H
Charging method Manual、Auto、Quick replace
Specific Equipments
Laser radar
QR code reader ×
Emergency stop button
Atmosphere lamp
Anti-collision strip

trajectory chart

No further notice if the specification and appearance are changed due to improvement and other reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

Precautions for Storage and Handling Caution:

Do not store or place the machine in the following environment, otherwise it may cause fire, electric shock or machine damage.

1. Places exposed to direct sunlight, places where the ambient temperature exceeds the storage temperature conditions, places where the relative humidity exceeds the storage humidity, or places with large temperature differences or condensation.

2. Places close to corrosive gas or flammable gas, places with a lot of dust, salt and metal dust, places where water, oil and medicine drip, and places where vibration or shock can be transmitted to the subject. Please do not grab the cable for transportation, otherwise it will cause damage or failure of the machine.

3. Do not stack too much products on the machine, otherwise it may case machine damage or failure.