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0603A+2D visual system


0603A+2D visual system

  • Simple Operation
  • Quick response
  • Safe And Efficient

Product Introduction

BORUNTE 2D visual system can be appliedto applications such as grabbing, packing, andplacing products in an disorderly manner onan assembly line.lt has the characteristics offast speed and large scale, which can effectively solve the problems of high error rate andhigh labor intensity in traditional manual sorting and grasping.The Vision BRT visual software includes 13 algorithm tools,adopts avisualinterface and graphical interaction.makingit simple,stable,compatible, easy todeploy and use.

  • Accurate positioning

    Accurate positioning

  • Fast


  • Long service life

    Long service life

  • Low failure rate

    Low failure rate

  • Reduce labor

    Reduce labor

  • Telecomm unication

    Telecomm unication

Basic Parameters

Item Range Max.speed
Arm J1 ±128° 480°/S
J2 ±145° 576°/S
J3 150mm 900mm°/S
Wrist J4 ±360° 696°/S
Arm Length (mm) Loading Ability (kg) Repeated Positioning Accuracy (mm) Power Source (kVA) Weight (kg)
600 3 ±0.02 5.62 about 28

trajectory chart

Basic Parameters

trajectory chart

No further notice if the specification and appearance are changed due to improvement and other reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

Precautions for Storage and Handling Caution:

Do not store or place the machine in the following environment, otherwise it may cause fire, electric shock or machine damage.

1. Places exposed to direct sunlight, places where the ambient temperature exceeds the storage temperature conditions, places where the relative humidity exceeds the storage humidity, or places with large temperature differences or condensation.

2. Places close to corrosive gas or flammable gas, places with a lot of dust, salt and metal dust, places where water, oil and medicine drip, and places where vibration or shock can be transmitted to the subject. Please do not grab the cable for transportation, otherwise it will cause damage or failure of the machine.

3. Do not stack too much products on the machine, otherwise it may case machine damage or failure.