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2023 China International Industrial Expo: Larger, More Advanced, More Intelligent, And Greener

Date: 2023.09.20


According to China Development Web, from September 19th to 23rd, the 23rd China International Industrial Expo, jointly organized by multiple ministries such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as the Shanghai Municipal Government, was held in Shanghai with the theme of "Carbon based New Industry and Convergence of New Economy". This year's Industrial Expo is larger, more advanced, smarter, and greener than previous ones, setting a new historical high.

This year's Industrial Expo covers an exhibition area of 300000 square meters, with over 2800 enterprises from 30 countries and regions worldwide participating, covering Fortune 500 and industry-leading enterprises. What are the new products and technologies that are available, and how can they play a leading role in industrial transformation and accelerate the transformation and landing of industrial achievements to form new driving forces?

According to Wu Jincheng, Director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, the core exhibition area consists of exhibition areas for robotics, industrial automation, and new generation information technology. It focuses on showcasing the intelligent reshaping of the manufacturing industry model and enterprise form, with a total scale of over 130000 square meters, surpassing similar exhibition areas at this year's German Hannover Industrial Expo.

The largest robot industry chain platform in the world

At this conference, the robot exhibition area has an exhibition area of over 50000 square meters, making it the largest robot industry chain platform in the world with the largest number of industrial robot industry enterprises participating.

For ABB Robotics, a multinational enterprise, the Industrial Expo is an indispensable showcase and market, showcasing robots in various scenarios from the three dimensions of collaboration, industry, digitization, and service within a nearly 800 square meter booth space.

This time, ABB Robotics' first modular software platform OptiFact ™ and the new IRB 1090 industrial level educational robot will make its global debut at this year's Industrial Expo; The new application debut of the newly expanded GoFa collaborative robot and energy-saving large-scale robot series showcases the infinite possibilities of flexible automation; Through on-site naked eye 3D technology display and online live streaming, ABB Robotics brings you an immersive experience of the Industrial Expo with a comprehensive product portfolio. At the same time, a full range of innovative robot automation products, solutions, software, and services will be released on the exhibition stand.

In addition to ABB, the robot exhibition area also brings together three other "four major families", Fanuc, Kuka, and Yaskawa Electric, as well as some leading domestic robot machine enterprises. It is expected that more than 300 new technologies, products, and applications with robots as the core will be launched globally or nationwide.

Embarking on the journey of this year's Industrial Expo, the robot products exhibited are also "ready to go". As the third generation industrial robot with visual intelligence technology, Lenovo Morning Star Robot integrates "hands, feet, eyes, and brains", empowering various complex industrial application scenarios.

It is worth noting that this year's Industrial Expo has not only attracted domestic and foreign robot "chain owners", but also industry chain supporting manufacturers of core robot components such as Nabotsk, Hamonaco, and Green Harmonic. A total of more than 350 upstream and downstream related enterprises in the industry chain have appeared together, covering various fields such as industry, healthcare, education, and deeply integrating into the global industry chain.

International exhibitors are eagerly returning, and it site up the first German pavilion

Compared to the previous International Trade Fair, this year's international exhibitors have enthusiastically returned, and the proportion of international brand exhibitors has increased to 30%, surpassing 2019. Exhibitors include not only Germany, Japan, Italy and other traditional manufacturing powers, but also Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Cuba and other countries along the "The Belt and Road Initiative" that participated in the exhibition for the first time.

According to Bi Peiwen, President of Donghao Lansheng Exhibition Group, the China Italian Chamber of Commerce exhibition team established the Italian National Pavilion at the last International Trade Fair, and the exhibition effect received unanimous praise. The next group work will start as soon as the exhibition ends. The Italian exhibition group at this year's CIIE has an exhibition area of 1300 square meters, bringing 65 exhibitors, an increase of 30% compared to the previous 50. It continues to showcase the high-quality products and advanced technologies of the Italian manufacturing industry to the Chinese market. This year, the main exhibitors include Maserati, Biacho, INSPAT, FAAM, SAPP, and others.

After hosting events such as the UK Pavilion, Russia Pavilion, and Italy Pavilion, the German Pavilion makes its debut at this year's CIIE. Together with high-end and cutting-edge enterprises in various industries in Germany, hidden champions in the industry, and investment representative offices in various federal states, the German Pavilion focuses on showcasing the latest technologies and products in areas such as green, low-carbon, and digital economy. At the same time, a series of events such as the China Germany Green Manufacturing Summit will also be held.

Wu Jincheng said that the exhibition area of the German Pavilion is nearly 500 square meters, showcasing advanced technology and high-quality products in the German manufacturing industry. There are both Fortune 500 giants and hidden champions in various fields. Among them, Sino German joint ventures such as FAW Audi and Tulke (Tianjin) have played an important role in deepening cooperation and exchanges in the manufacturing industry between the two countries, as well as in promoting industrial innovation and development.

In addition to the German Pavilion, one of the "exhibition kings" of this year's Industrial Expo is Siemens from Germany. Since 2003, Siemens has been participating in exhibitions for one consecutive year, with a booth area of 1000 square meters this year, bringing multiple debut products including Siemens' new generation servo systems, high-performance frequency converters, and open digital commercial platforms.

Exhibition Hall Transforms into Market, Exhibitor Transforms into Investor
Since the beginning of this year, China's industrial economy has overcome various adverse effects and maintained a good development momentum. From January to July, the added value of industries above designated size increased by 3.8% year-on-year, among which the added value of equipment manufacturing industry increased by 6.1% year-on-year. The export of new energy vehicles, lithium-ion batteries, solar cells and other "new three types" is strong, with a year-on-year growth of 52.3%.

This is an exhibition that contributes to the stable growth of the industrial economy, "said Wang Hong, Deputy Director of the Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As an important platform connecting domestic and foreign industrial enterprises and upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, the CIIE is committed to effectively promoting international exchange and practical cooperation among industrial enterprises from various countries, transforming" exhibition venues into markets, exhibitors into investors "; Committed to promoting the transformation and implementation of industrial achievements, forming new momentum and vitality, relevant measures will effectively promote the stable growth of China's industrial economy and also have great significance in boosting global confidence in the industrial economy.

As a global leader in the field of laser technology, Bond made its debut at this year's World Expo with the largest area of 986 square meters. As a national brand, Bond has achieved the highest sales volume in the world for four consecutive years. In addition, since 2015, it has been the first in China's customs export volume data for eight consecutive years. The disinfection robot for the Beijing Winter Olympics is manufactured by Bond's laser cutting machine. At the same time, it has participated in drafting multiple national standards Li Lei, Director of the Domestic Marketing Department of Bond Laser, said.

The core components of the Bond high-power laser scanning and cutting machine are independently developed by China. It is a new generation of laser scanning and cutting equipment born after the fusion of dozens of USTH such as thick plate overheating compensation and laser head active obstacle avoidance. The maximum increase in cutting speed is 200%, and the maximum increase in thickness cutting thickness is 150%. When scanning and cutting, there is no fear of high reflection. The beam is equipped with a tilt angle, greatly reducing reflection, and achieving batch cutting of high reflection materials. In the application process, the intelligent equipment showcases the intelligent, efficient, cost-effective development direction and outstanding achievements of China's manufacturing industry, maximizing the empowerment of modern production.

Cooper Chemical, which participated in the production of the Beijing Winter Olympics torch "Feiyang", participated in the first industrial expo for the first time. Song Zhenjian, Marketing Director of Cooper Chemical, said that as the first company in China to achieve mass production of polysilazane resin materials, we hope to cooperate with more enterprises through the platform of the industrial expo. Black Lake Technology, which participated in the fifth International Trade Fair, has expanded its booth this year. According to Liu Yiyi, the company's brand director, participating in the 2018 International Trade Fair was also the first time to participate in a large exhibition. Since then, more and more people have come to know Black Lake, and more than ten thousand large, medium, and small manufacturing enterprises have established cooperation with Black Lake.

The reporter saw that green, low-carbon, and digital intelligence are everywhere. For example, global power management, cooling solutions, and automation manufacturer Delta will participate in this year's Industrial Expo with the theme of "Delta Zero Carbon Factory", and will comprehensively showcase solutions related to zero carbon factories, including green intelligent manufacturing, smart health offices, and factory microgrids.

The person in charge of relevant business at Delta stated that currently, Delta uses various Internet of Things devices as "touchpoints" to fully perceive building information and effectively monitor equipment, low-carbon energy conservation, and safety management through the "3D zero carbon comprehensive management platform".

After 39 years of development, Lenovo will not only bring robots, but also showcase its new exploration in the metaverse field at the Industrial Expo. Through metaverse technology, we can solve many problems in social operation and industrial development with higher efficiency, lower costs, and a more immersive and interactive experience. "Lenovo Innovation Technology Park staff introduced, hoping to find more suitable partners through this international platform.

This year's Industrial Expo showcased breakthroughs in key areas, as well as progress in localization of some major technical equipment, core components, and basic processes. Major technical equipment such as the Mars exploration mission orbiter, the acoustic system of all sea deep manned submersible, and the world's largest single machine power first CAP1400 nuclear island steam generator were presented to the audience.