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Precision and Load of Industrial Robots: Exploring the Core Factors Behind Performance

Date: 2023.12.29


Industrial robots are becoming an important force in modern production, playing an irreplaceable role in automated production due to their high precision and large load capacity. However, the accuracy and load capacity of industrial robots are not out of thin air, they are influenced by multiple core factors. This article will delve into the accuracy and load of industrial robots, revealing the key factors behind them.

Firstly, the accuracy of industrial robots is influenced by their mechanical structure. The mechanical structure of a robot includes multiple components such as joints, sensors, and actuators. The accuracy and stiffness of joints determine the motion accuracy of robots, while the accuracy of sensors directly affects the perception ability of robots. The accuracy and response speed of the driver also have a significant impact on the position control of the robot. Therefore, optimizing the design of mechanical structures and selecting high-precision components can improve the accuracy of industrial robots.

Secondly, the load capacity of industrial robots is closely related to the power system. The power system includes motors, reducers, and transmission systems, and their performance directly affects the load capacity of the robot. The power and torque of the motor determine the load-bearing capacity of the robot, while the transmission efficiency of the reducer affects the stability of the robot's operation. Therefore, when selecting a power system, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the load requirements of the robot, select appropriate motors and reducers, and ensure its stable and reliable operation.